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Our story

Elian Yacoub grew up in Damascus, Syria surrounded by an atmosphere filled with Middle eastern couture. Just before the war broke out in 2011, he moved to the fashion mecca, Beirut to study at CAMM Academy. He became the apprentice under Lebanese fashion prince, George Chakra while simultaneously managing his own atelier. When the situation in Syria worsened Elian was forced to move to relatives in Sweden. Though he had the professional experience, Elian worked as an intern in various tailor shops in Stockholm for two years, trying to start over in a new culture in a new language.

Pauline Cappelen grew up in Stockholm, Sweden surrounded by an atmosphere filled with vintage and textures. With a Bachelor degree in Environmental Economics and a design portfolio, Pauline left for Paris in 2012 to become the Studio Assistant at Nina Ricci. Working close to the seamstresses in the Atelier she became absorbed by the delicate handcraft and the creations that survived lifetimes. When returning home she studied pattern-making before moving to Como, Italy to work for one of Nina Ricci’s fabric suppliers, learning everything she could about the process of making the fine textures. In October 2015, she gathered her experience and started the journey of Adornment.

In May 2017, Pauline’s and Elian’s roads crossed by a coincidence. In different ways of communication they decided to build a test-collection based on not only the vintage-legacy, but also on their Middle eastern and European aesthetics. The result became the beginning of their eclectic partnership, Created Adornment.


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