Cutting off a pair of jeans

Got tired of the length of your jeans or simply want to give them a new style? Cropping your jeans is the easiest and fastest way to improve your wardrobe! Above is an image illustrating a pair of Levi's 501 which we have cut off (and also folded up). The steps are simple - first, try your jeans on and decide where you want to cut them off. Place a needle in the fabric as a marker, then take your jeans off and place them flat on a table. Mark the leg with needles in a straight line, and then start cutting that leg. When cutting, start in the seem on the outside and cut the whole leg (front and back) at the same time - don't cut your way "around" the leg as it might cause different length in the front and the back. Once you've finished your first leg, place it on top of your remaining leg (make sure to stretch you jeans out properly here) and then start cutting your second leg with the first one as your marker.

Now, if you want that raw, fringy result - just use a seam ripper to pull out some seems and then you're done. If you want a more polished result, you can continue by folding the end of the legs in, and then sew them in place (see picture below for final result). But please note, if you wish to have the polished result, then be careful not to cut off your jeans too high, as you need an extra centimeter or two to be able to fold them up. In our case, we wanted calf-high cuts, so we folded these jeans up quite a bit.

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