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Adornment is a fashion label which was founded in 2015 by Swedish Pauline Cappelen as a mission to accentuate personalities and unique style through charismatic vintage fashion. Two years later, Pauline’s and Syrian designer Elian Yacoub’s roads crossed. By combining their different aesthetics and life experience, they decided to create their own line and push the boundaries of conventional fashion, making an antiquated concept contemporary.

Inspired by the vintage legacy, and with sustainability and quality as the mainstay, the team launched their own line in 2017. The Adornment series of design consists of an eclectic mix of prêt-à-porter, evening- and bridal couture, with nostalgic sensuality as the constant theme. Each creation combined with the unique vintage result in personalised looks, which transcends and become iconic for its wearer. An Adornment, whether Created or Captured, will demonstrate how to make thrown together appear dressed up, dressed up feel every day and most importantly; how to make each entrance feel like the entrance.




The Created series of designs are inspired by the vintage-legacy and conclude some of the favourite finds from Adornment's worldly travels. Each piece is handcrafted in the Stockholm Studio by the experienced team of tailors, cut from overstock haute couture fabrics. With only a few meters of fabric per roll, each style becomes a part of a limited edition collection. Unique and sustainable, just how we like it.

The Created designs are available every season in new Italian overstock fabrics, making each piece part of the everlasting Adornment design-archive where new designs are added frequently. 



A Captured Adornment is a selected vintage garment or accessory, curated for its quality and unique traits. Highlighting each look and accentuating its wearer. It is the constant reminder of how "quality” is determined by the love behind the making, the fabric choice and the garments' potential to last forever with the right care.


Curated are the additional artisan brands sold in the Adornment studio-store in Stockholm, which all live by the Adornment values.

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