Adornment travels the world to capture the most unique pre-owned and vintage pieces with a focus on fine fabrics, high quality and charismatic timeless design. We do not do trends, nor collections. Instead we want to provide garments for different bodies, personalities and the different lives we live; pieces for a Tuesday as well as a Saturday state of mind.

Founded by Pauline Cappelen in 2015, Adornment intends to collect and refine unique qualitative items that possess that certain suave savoir-faire to provide conscious consumers with a more charismatic and sustainable alternative to buy something completely new. By washing and repairing each garment and giving advise on how to best care for it, the objective is to prolong and value the life of a piece. By doing so, our ambition is to assist our customers in building unique wardrobes based on their personalities and individual characteristics. For us there are no “second-hand” or “old”. We call it “pre-owned” only because the item happened to have had a previous life. Our mission is to capture the best ones out there & make them ready to adorn again.