Adornment curates unique pre-owned and vintage pieces with a focus on fine fabrics, high quality and charismatic timeless design. We do not do trends, nor collections. Instead we want to provide garments for different bodies, personalities and the different lives we live, pieces for a Tuesday as well as a Saturday state of mind. 

Founded by Pauline Cappelen in 2015, Adornment intends to collect items that possess that certain suave savoir-faire. Pieces that deserve to live on to become a part of your style and wardrobe until it eventually might move on to someone else’s. Characteristics such as uniqueness, high quality, timeless design as well as a concern for the environment constitute the building blocks of Adornment.

We believe fashion and sustainability can coexist. But the consumption of fast trends and the just as fast neglection of them, add to the problem regarding the exploitation of our world's natural resources. Instead we want to celebrate all those already-made garments that someone once spent so much time and energy creating by giving them new life. It is a great sign of quality when a garment can last through lifetimes and still look like new. Old for someone equals new unique adornment for someone else...